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Business Energy Consultants


Here at Energy Plus Management Ltd, our aim is to help save our clients' energy and in the process time and money. With over 30 years experience, working in the energy market as energy brokers, we use our unique market knowledge, expertise and negotiating power to ensure that customers are receiving the right energy package at the right time.

We appreciate that every organisation has unique needs and we endeavour to fully understand the current and future needs of your business before putting together a tailored package. We also offer additional services to help you optimise your energy usage and spend.

Most importantly, we're not just a company; we're a group of real people. We rely on developing strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that we're offering the service you need, when you need it.

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At Energy Plus we are committed to helping our commercial customers with their energy needs. From small single retail shops to multi-unit corporations or large industrial factories, Energy Plus Management can help secure the best service, supply, and price. We operate on a very simple principle, that is, our team of experienced staff will work with you to ensure that we fully understand all your utility requirements and then propose the most suitable solutions.

It's not all about price!

Although energy costs are increasing on an annual basis, ensuring you get the best package may not always mean that the cheapest supplier is the right solution for you. It may be that your supply or meters are over or under specified, your supply may not be balanced with your demand, you may have a number of premises where a group contract may be the answer. Whatever your requirements we will help you find the best solution.


Finding the right natural gas and electricity deal for your company at the right time is at the top of our agenda. There can be a huge difference in price per unit and a myriad of different contract terms on offer.

We work with over 30 suppliers across the UK to gain a full range of quotes and contract options for your business and manage the whole process for you to ensure a smooth transition into your next contract.

Whether you're a single site SME or a national business with sites all over the UK, you can be sure we'll cover all the bases to broker the best energy agreement for your organisation. 

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Inaccurate billing, estimated billing, meter faults, and incorrect application of your tariff can all lead to you overpaying for electricity, gas, and water.

Validating your utility bills is an important part of our service and could make all the difference to your energy costs. Using our bill validation service, which provides an analysis of your bills as they arrive, we can ensure that you are receiving all your contracted benefits from your supplier and that your bills tally with your actual electricity, gas, or water consumption. To do this, we like to gain a full understanding of your energy requirements - identifying peak and troughs in your energy usage and how you can use the energy you're paying for efficiently.

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With our energy monitoring, targeting, and reporting tools, we can help identify areas of waste or overspend. Data can be imported into our system from a variety of sources allowing efficient analysis and any savings to be tracked. 

Reports can be generated to focus on particular information related to a site or group of sites. These include cost and consumption, comparison to budgets and targets, and a number of monitoring and targeting tools. 


Your meters are critical in the power supply chain and provide the information that defines how much you pay for your energy, so it's key that your meters are right for your business and that they're always working correctly.
From simple meter replacements and installations to complete gas or power upgrades, with our extensive knowledge and contacts within the industry we are able to arrange and oversee your project from start to finish. 

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Rising energy costs affect every business. We can help you minimise the impact of these costs on your business. From start to finish, we can work with you to devise an energy management strategy that will help you to reduce the amount you are spending on energy by taking care of all your energy and utility issues.
Once we've gained a full understanding of your business, we can provide you with a full picture of your energy usage, negotiate the best deals for you and continually monitor your energy usage and supplies to ensure you're never paying more than you need to. Using this service has typically saved our customers in excess of 10% of their spend on energy.

Energy Efficiency

We can also offer on-site visits to talk to your staff about energy management and energy efficiency, helping you implement your energy strategy, as well as providing training on best-practice in emergency situations, something which could make all the difference should your company suffer an energy crisis.


Whether it's providing meter readings, moving in or out of a property or resolving a query with your bill, we are on hand to oversee your query from start to finish.

Don't waste valuable time sitting on hold to your supplier - let us do the work instead!

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Whether it's providing meter readings, moving in or out of a property or resolving a query with your bill, we are on hand to oversee your query from start to finish.

Don't waste valuable time sitting on hold to your supplier - let us do the work instead!

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Electric Car

Electric Vehicles

Consultancy around the installation of new EV charging points at your facility

We can install all types of charger to suit your needs


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We have been involved in the Energy industry for over 30 years and have built a wealth of knowledge and partnerships over this time. We work for you on your behalf and handle the entire process from start to finish, giving you more time to concentrate on running your business.

What's more, our additional services - including bill validation, query resolution and change of tenancy management are offered to all of our clients free of charge.


Energy contracts often get overlooked but going 'out of contract' can be very costly. Usually, this means you will be paying variable or deemed rates which can be anything up to 3 times higher than a contracted rate.


There are many brokers out there who invoice for their services or make a percentage charge on any savings made - we don't believe this in our customers' best interests so we don't invoice you a penny for our standard services*. 

Our costs are recovered via the supplier who pays us a small commission for each contract we provide. 


Argent House, 5a Victoria Avenue, Yeadon

0113 513 0151

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The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Energy Plus Management Ltd


Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing this site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.

Modification of Terms

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Energy Plus Management Ltd reserves the right to terminate access to this website and block future use of our services if we deem these Terms of Use have been violated. 

*Standard services include: 

Brokerage, bill validation, query resolution, energy account management, moving in or out of a property. 

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